Nature Painting

Nature Painting

Its always fun to play with Nature. Be it going on a nature hunt or using your collected material in the for of an art or a nature painting. Though I had done this activity a long time back when my son was 4, we decided to do it once again, with his friend.

While I was busy with my housework, I sent off both the kids to go and gather all the material that they can stick on a paper. Both ran off and after about half an hour, came back carrying all their stuff.

What we did:

I had already prepared their work table with black sheets and some glue. I gave them some time to choose what all material they wanted to use. Also, they took time and arranged it on their respective sheets before actually sticking it on the paper. Both of them arranged and rearranged the stuff several times before finalizing. They even gave suggestions and helped each other out in their work. Once they were done, we discarded the remaining material.

Finally, the kids applied glue all over the sheet and spread it out with a popsicle. Next, they set out to stick their leaves, flowers, twigs etc on the sheet. They first placed them loosely, just in case they needed to change its position. Once satisfied, they pressed the stuff onto the sheet.

Nature Painting

And their Nature Painting was ready.

Nature Painting

It was a fun and productive evening for the kids.

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