Toys need to be organised !!! And I am not saying this just for the heck of it or because I do the same for my kids toys. Organised toys offer better play.

Imagine your kid sitting with 3-4 types of blocks / puzzles mixed together – totally confused why one type of  piece doesn’t go with the other one ! Five minutes, and either she/ he will get bored and leave the toy (and start bugging you) or he will get irritated, confused and start throwing or breaking the toy. Who is at fault here? Nope – not the kid, but its us. If we had sorted out all the toys for him, things would have been much different !!!

Teaching them cleaning up is good – but at least have the toys sorted so that he knows what belongs where and with what.

I have a very dear friend, whose kids has lots of toys (we all do!!!) but everything was jumbled up.  Her son is fond of puzzles and he has many, but – all different puzzles, though in a separate box, were mixed up. The two car tracks he had – many pieces were missing. Between managing her house, job and taking care of her in-laws, she doesn’t have much time to devote to sorting out all the toys!!! So I offered to help her out.

This is how her son’s toys were stored in 2 cartons and a basket:

Organise toys      Organise toys

My friend and I – both sat down in his room, emptied all the cartons, and laid the toys around. Then we started sorting them out – puzzle pieces, cars, free toys from kinder joy an McD’s, etc. Eventually lot of stationary items also came up which were kept back in the relevant boxes. We discarded many broken items and toys – either threw them in the dustbin or saved for donation.

Then we sorted out all the puzzle pieces separately. We didn’t buy any new boxes, just made use of whatever storage stuff we had lying around the house.

Organise toys

Further, we put all the peg boards and scribble board in a small carton with; and kept the pegs in separate, small containers.
Organise toys

Also, we put all the figurines, and small toys from Kider Joy or McDonalds in a separate bag, as they are used sparingly.


Organise toys

We separated all blocks and kept them in separate containers.

Organise toys

Once we sorted all toys separately, we stacked all puzzle boxes in one line. We made two separate cartons – one for only cars and second for the track pieces. Then we put/ displayed all the stuff toys (there weren’t many) on the top of the chest. Further, there was one big box, which we filled up with all miscellaneous toys like ball, gun, bat, drum etc.

Organise toys

This is how the toy boxes looked after we were done!

Organise toys

Both of us were very happy and content at the end of the day !! We did not expect this, but it took us about 2-3 hours to get the job done. But it was all worth it !!

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