Our Little Bugs World


Material Required:

  1. Small Cardboard Box
  2. Colored Papers – green (for bushes), red/blue/ yellow (for flowers)
  3. Cut outs of bugs
  4. String
  5. Glue
  6. Blue Paint
  7. Green Sawdust (for grass)

How we made this:

  1. I took a small cardboard box lying around in my class and cut out the open up side of the box. Then I placed it up vertically as seen in the pic.
  2. Then I painted the background blue.
  3. On the base, i applied a lot of fevicol and sprinkled green saw dust for grass. I let it dry for an hour or so.
  4. Meanwhile, I took some green colored paper and cut out grass from it. I then pasted it in 3 layers on the grass bottom as seen in the pic.
  5. Finally I cut out some flowers from colored paper and stuck on the bushes.

Here is our setup ready for the Bugs World:

 bugs             bugs

What the kids did:

  1. I drew some bugs, colored them and cut out beforehand – caterpillar, grasshopper, spider, butterfly, earthworm, dragonfly, ant, snail, housefly etc. You can use printed pictures from books too.
  2. I laid them out in a plate.
  3. One by one, every kid came and placed the bug wherever they liked. I kept applying a little glue to each one of them.


Here is our little Bugs World:


Here are my kiddies who kept exploring the Bugs World every now and then..


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