Painting with Toys

Painting with toys

My Kiddo Loves Painting. And I love to give him fun experiences with it. So the other day, I took out some of his toys and paints, and we set out to explore Painting with Toys !

I used some finger paints (they are easier to wash off the toys) and a big drawing book for the activity.

Painting with Plastic Animals

First of all, we experimented with animal footprints. I took out the animals with varied foot shapes. After setting up the activity, I showed him what was to be done and how.

Painting with Toys

First came the bear, then kangaroo, lion, koala and even a seal ! It was surprising for me to see that the kiddo formed lines of footprints on the sheet.

Painting with toys

He even kept making weird animal sounds while making the footprints.

        Painting with Toys           Painting with Toys

We played with lots of animals after finishing our “pretty animal prints” (as said by my kiddo). Since he didn’t want to ruin it, I gave him a newspaper to form all animal foot prints.

Painting with Blocks

Then came the blocks. We used different types of blocks – small, big, single and double lined. After printing some random prints, we tried forming alphabets.

Painting with Toys

I even wrote the letter with a pencil, on the paper. Kiddo printed the blocks on them, forming the alphabets. Later, he made the alphabets on his own – A, I, H, T, E, etc…

Painting with Toys

This was the part where we spent the maximum time on !

Driving with Cars with Painted Wheels

Considering my son’s love for cars, I had kept this part of the activity at the end (fearing he might not go beyond cars’ prints). Here again, I picked up few cars with varied tyre track prints, and the kiddo set off to work !

Painting with Toys

He was super excited to see CARS for this activity ! Once he started, there was no stopping him. Every car went zoom and zap and whrooooom… 😀

Painting with Toys

We actually filled a couple of pages, and then moved on to car racing on the newspaper – with painted car tyres. Sorry, skipped taking pics, in all the excitement and chaos.

Painting with Toys

Painting with toys was really fun! We plan to try this with few more different toys sometime.

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