Perforating Cardboard Sheet


I remember perforating a cardboard sheet and even a paper from my notebook, when I was little. As a kid, we all must have done something like this some time or the other! How about trying the same with your kiddo? Apart from being fun and engaging, this activity will also help in developing the fine motor skills of your little one.

Materials Required:

  • Cardboard
  • Pencil
  • Scissors


Take a cardboard sheet and draw some illustrations on it. Initially, draw some easy shapes, like, a square, circle, rectangle, star, etc. Let them be a little big in size. Later, you may draw some animals or birds, vegetables and other random figures. Just don’t make them too intricate that after perforating them, You can make out nothing of the original illustration.

I drew some simple shapes, namely, a circle, triangle, star, pentagon and so on. Then I told him how he is supposed to pierce the pencil into the cardboard along the drawing.


Initially, he pierced along the line, with considerable gap, and at a slow speed. But once he got a hang of it, the piercing was very close and faster.


Though the sheet looks good as it is, but you may give the kid a scissors to cut along the perforation. Now this is going to be an additional fine motor development activity.

Try it out – this activity doesn’t need ANY preparation. We all have some sort of cardboard sheet lying around the house, and a pencil too !!

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