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Whenever we gift something, it always carries a tag, carrying our wishes for the recipient. Generally, we just take a customized one from the shopkeeper and write the “To” and “From” on it. Alternatively, there are tiny blank cards also available nowadays,  wherein you may write your wishes. If you don’t have time or don’t really care, then it’s ok. But how about taking out just 5 minutes and make your own personalised tags for the special person !

Here I am sharing a few ideas for you to get inspired with. You may even make a bunch of them in your free time and use them when required. That ways, you can save your time and effort while getting ready for a party or  otherwise.

All you need is :

  1. A white/ black chart paper or colored chart paper sheets,
  2. Some colored sketch pens,
  3. Scissors to cut out the desired shapes  ………..…. and your Imagination !!

I made the following tags for the upcoming Teachers’ Day.

   tags      tags

Here is another one that I made last year for my kiddo’s teacher. Its a simple name tag that went on the bag of gifts for her.


You may even use some stickers – simple or crystal ones and/ or some glitter pens to decorate them further. i. e. if you have time on your hands and are making them for the fun of it.

In fact, I had sat down to make these tags for the teachers’ day only, but the fun and inspiration lead me into making many more of these.



I made a bunch of these and kept safely for later use. You can write your “To” and “From” plus additional wishes on the back side of these tags.


Personalised tags will make your present all the more special. They are far more  convincing of your wishes for your loved one than a customised tag.

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