Pink Hexagon Keyring


I love to bring two or more concepts together. It is such a fun and challenging thing to do.. Though there is no pressure to do so, but I love to try and bring together 2-3 concepts of the month and do an activity or craft with my kids. This month our color to be studied was “Pink” and the shape was “hexagon”. So, on our “Pink Color Day Celebrations” we made a Pink color Hexagon Keyring.

Material Required:

  1. Pink colored glitter sheets
  2. Pink colored Pipe Cleaners
  3. Golden colored glitter
  4. Pink colored paper
  5. Fevicol
  6. Scissors

How we made them:

  1. First of all, I made  two stencils – hexagon and a key.
  2. Then I cut out 2 Hexagon shapes from a pink colored paper, in a way that they were joined together from one point. I, then, pasted the two hexagons together with glue, leaving the strip, to form a loop. This would be our keyring.
  3. Next, I cut out keys from the pink colored glitter sheets and pierced it to forma hole on the top of the key.


4. I wrote the initial of each kid’s first name on the hexagon with a fevicol tube.

5. Each kid sprinkled glitter over his/ her initial.


6. Once the key rings dried, kids set on to prepare their keyring. Each kid strung the glitter key and hexagon keyring onto a piece of pink glitter pipe cleaner.

keyring                   keyring

7. Then I closed the pipecleaner by twisting the two ends together.

Here are our final Key Rings:


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