Play with Clothespin


Clothespin can provide a lot of play options for the little ones! Here are a few that I tried with my son recently. He enjoyed them a lot. Maybe you can also give it a try !

1. Pegging Pompoms

I gave him a few pompoms, a clothespin and a small container.


He would peg a pompom with a clothespin and deliver it to the container.


Pegging is an excellent fine motor activity. You need to make sure that the pegs/ clothespin that you use are easy to press as toddlers do not have the strength to open very firm ones. 

2. Freeplay with Clothespin

this time, I gave him the pegs to play with, freely. I used plastic clothespin as i think they are safer than metal or wooden ones. Also, they were bright and colorful. My little one kept fidgeting with them for a couple of minutes – maybe wondering what to do with them. Then he started joining them, foot to foot.


This is what he made finally. According to him he made a rainbow !!


I think we need to buy more of these now as he was looking for more around to build on the “rainbow”.

3. Pegging Containers

I gave him two types of containers for pegging. First one had its edges slightly outside. It was not difficult to peg it but they were not neat. One peg fell in one direction while the other one in the opposite direction. He did not like this.


Then I gave him a container whose mouth had a smooth surface. He enjoyed pegging it as all held firmly and didn’t fall away. Also, as you can see in the right side pic below, he shifted the pegs closer so that more could fit in. I love it when he initiates new things !


See how happy he is here !


4. Color sorting with Pegs

Next day, Ram was busy playing with pegs, and I still had the clothespins on my mind. And then, I joined both the things – clothespins + blocks.


Providing a four sided block and colorful pegs quickly turns this into a colour sorting activity.

     CLOTHESPIN               clothespin

Though my preschooler had fun with this activity, it is more beneficial for toddlers still learning their colors.

Well, for now I could think of just these four activities. Maybe you can get those pegs/ clothespins and think  of some more innovative play activities with them. Do share your fun with me on this page!

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