Rakshabandhan is a festival that celebrates the love and bonding of brothers and sisters. It signifies the love and care of the sister for her brother and the vows of the brother to provide protection to his sister from difficulties.

Like various other Indian festivals, there are many stories associated with Rakshabandhan too. Here I am enlisting two of the stories which I have grown up listening to.

Draupadi and Lord Krishna

It is believed that once Lord Krishna hurt his wrist in a war and was bleeding profusely. When Draupadi saw this, she tore a part of her sari and tied it around his wrist. This is believed to be the reason why he saved her during her cheer haran by the Kauravas.

Humayun and Rani Karnavati

This is one of the most significant story of the dedication of a brother’s promise. Rani Karnawati ruled Mewar, which had already been attacked twice by Bahadur Shah. It is said that Rani Karnavati sent a letter to Emperor Humayun with a rakhi asking for his help. The emperor who was between a military campaign then left everything to go and protect her.

Celebration Ideas:

Generally, on Rakshabandhan, the basic routine is that after performing the Rakhi tying ceremony, we have a nice lunch and that’s it… we all go back to our businesses.. But I feel its a beautiful day and needs to  be celebrated a little more. If you are also tired of the same old sweets and lunch routine then check out these interesting celebration ideas.

  1. A Full Fun Day – Plan an outing, to an adventure park or a water park. Or plan a day trip to the nearby mountains/ countryside – any fun place nearby which you hardly visit.
  2. Go out for Dinner / Lunch to a special place or where you have been planning to go for a long time but haven’t been.
  3. Plan a huge family party or a get together with all cousins.
  4. Go through the old family album – Take out those old Family Albums, flip the pages and transport yourself back to your childhood when you used to play together, fight over chocolates, teased each other and ate from the same tub of ice cream together. Take a trip down the memory lane and relive the moments through those pictures.
  5. Movie Date – Go out for a movie or watch your old favorites at home. You may do a movie marathon if you are movie freaks.
  6. Play Games Together: This was principally what you used to do as children. Recreate those memories by playing your favorite game – Carom Board, Cards, Ludo, Scrabble and Chinese Checkers – fight over it, do some plotting and cheating, have fun !!
  7. Photo Session – Have a special photo session – done professionally or simply at home. Create some memories.
  8. Gifts – Let’s not leave the gifting department to the brothers only. Buy something for him too. From personalized gift items to jewelry to apparel to even gadgets, show your sibling how big hearted you are and shower them with their most wanted gifts! Money can sometimes buy a bit of happiness!

Make this Rakshabandhan special by making new memories with your sibling this year. These super ideas will surely lend a personal touch to this festival of family and bonding.

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