Rock Painting


After collecting a bucketful of rocks the other day, it was time to sit down, take the rocks out and set off to paint them. Rock painting is what had been on our minds since the day we collected them.

We collected our stuff –

  • old newspapers
  • paints
  • brushes (prefer the ones with wider bristles – it is easier and faster for toddlers to paint with them)
  • empty containers for putting paints (since i was using tubed paints) and water for mixing
  • rocks
  • egg carton – well, this is optional – but as you will see in the pics below, it makes rock painting and drying easier.

Rock Painting

And the little one set off to paint !!

Rock Painting

How much fun he had – busy painting, choosing color, thinking which rock to paint – what it looked like, deciding on which brush to use..

Once he was done painting his first rock,  I made him find out any empty spaces of the rock that were left out… I had to help him out a little, here.

Rock Painting

As the short lived attention span came to an end, rock painting became less fascinating and it was time to try a hand on the egg carton, and the car !! But painting the egg carton was again not much fun, so he tried painting his hands and legs and then ultimately it was my pooch’s turn. My Labrador, Leo got all excited looking at the paint brush coming his way…. but i had to intervene and stop the act before it increased my work load with giving a bath to Leo too !!

I took this picture of the painted rocks, once the kid got all cleaned up !

Rock painting

The rocks are sitting nicely on the shelf and Ram is very proud of his “creation”. The painted  rocks are still due to be decorated…. will post the end result soon…

Happy Rock Painting !

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  1. Being a mother I always wondering how to make my kid busy. This is really a great idea. I like this. Thank you for sharing.

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