Rhymes are an integral part of pre school learning. Kids love songs and dancing and they add on actions even to the rhymes which makes it all the more interesting. So, I came up with the idea of a Rhymes Dice to make the rhyme time all the more exciting for my kids.

What you will need:

  1. small square cardboard box
  2. some newspapers
  3. white paper
  4. colors
  5. pencil and erazer

How I made it:

  1. I found a square cardboard box lying around.
  2. I stuffed it with newspapers to make it sturdy.
  3. This, I covered with simple white paper.
  4. Finally I drew animals on every side of the dice. I drew a fish, cat, dog, pig, rabbit and a spider. You can draw whatever you like which has rhymes associated with it. Also, instead of drawing, you may stick some pictures.

dice          dice

After our lunch break, we would have our rhyme time. This also gave my help to clean up after them and then rest a while.

So we all sat in a circle and every child got to roll the dice. The kid who rolled the dice had to come up with a rhyme associated with the animal that came up on the dice.


I sometimes had to prompt them with a rhyme as we were not supposed to repeat the rhyme which was already done.


If even I ran out of a rhyme, the kid would re – roll the dice and we would sing the rhyme accordingly.


Some kids would even stand up and start dancing to the rhymes 🙂

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