Sand Diggers Sensory Play


Playing with sand is an awesome sensory activity. It is a lot of fun and keeps the little one busy for a long long time !! Just add some water, digger vehicle toys, rocks, a piece of wood and you provide a lot more learning opportunity for the little one.

This activity is bound to create a lot of mess, so, it would work perfectly well outdoors. But considering the hot and sticky weather, you may wish to arrange the activity indoors, like I did. Just put it in a deeper sensory table or over a drop cloth. I put the table in the bathroom, since it is roomy – also, easy to cleanup !

I had set up the table with a plastic tub, that contained wet sand and water, separated by a small piece of wood. Further, I added some small stones and digger vehicles.


He tried to play nicely at first, trying to understand the difference between muddy and watery parts. Smaller children will love just to play and explore. Older kids make up stories and pretend play, adding figures too.


And then he began exploring the digger vehicles, what they do and how they do. I explained to him what each vehicle did, how sometimes river need to be cleared of excess mud, and answered some random questions. Lot of exploring started happening, and finally all the mud and water was mixed.

   sensory        sensory

 Then we got some hot wheels cars.  He tried to separate mud and water, making a kind of river.

sensory      sensory

The kiddo was busy for almost 2 hours and still did not want to come out.  I had to literally pull him out of the play area as it was past his nap time ! He was Happy and tired !


And before we sign off, here is a view of all the mess that we created and had fun with !!


Those diggers became delightfully dirty, so it was necessary to give them a good wash off before keeping them back in the box. But this was mommy’s job this time !!

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