Snowman from Plastic Bottle


Making a Snowman is an integral part of Winters. Be it with snow or doing a craft at home, making a snowman is a great winter activity.

My Son and I made these snowmen from empty plastic bottles on a cold winter night.

Materials Required:

  1. Empty Plastic Bottles
  2. Sponge Brush
  3. White Acrylic Paint
  4. Googly  Eyes
  5. Ribbons/ Scraps of cloth for making Muflers
  6. Black and Red Markers
  7. Scissors
  8. Fevicol/ Glue
  9. Googly Eyes

     snowman snowman


1. Firstly, take an empty plastic bottle, washed and dried. Remove the label. My munchkin helped paint the bottle in white. We made 3 snowmen – Ma, Pa & Baby Snowman.

2. Once dried, we can start off with decorating the snowmen.

  • Eyes – we used googly eyes. For baby’s eyes we used black round stickers.
  • Nose – we cut a small triangle from the ribbon and stuck it as nose.
  • Mouth – we used black permanent marker to make small dots into a smile
  • Caps – we used a pair of gloves for ma and pa. For baby snowman’s cap, we used a small piece of scrap and stuck it with tape.
  • Mufflers – Take small pieces of ribbons and tie around the neck. We pasted a small piece of tape around the knot to ensure that the muffler stays in place.
  • Buttons – Use small gemstones or round black stickers.


3. For Ma Snowman – we used red markers to form cheeks. Also, we added a small white flower ribbon along with the muffler, to form a girly effect.

4. Finally, we filled the bottles with a few marbles/ stones to ensure that they donot get knocked off at every touch.

And here are is the cute Snowman Family:


It is resting comfortably in our Living Room.

We had loads of fun doing this activity. Hope the same for you too.

Do share the pics of your creations in the comments section below for others to appreciate and get inspired with.

Merry Christmas !

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