It was the month to introduce and work on the STAR SHAPE.

Though at this point all kids know the shape of the star, still I wanted to do something different with them. While searching, I came across a lovely star shaped craft on pinterest. We had just worked on the Triangle shape last month. So, I decided to club both these. Lets see…

Materials Required:

  • Popsicles
  • Glue
  • Glitter Tubes (or any other decorative material)
  • Ribbon

What we did:

  1. We made triangles using popsicles and stuck them with glue. Each kid made 2 triangles.

star shape

2. Once the triangle dried up, I showed them how we can make a star by putting one triangle over the other. Where few kids got it in one go, others took a while to do it on their own. We stuck the 2 triangles together to make the star.

star shape

3. Once again, after the stars dried up, each kid decorated her / his star using glitter tubes.

star shape

4. Lastly, I made a small ribbon loop and stuck on the back of the star so that it could be hung.

star shape

This is what our stars looked like. Each kid took their star home that day – happy and excited !!

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