Every year, we end up spending money on decorative lights during Diwali / Christmas. The main reason being, we do not know the right way of Storing Decorative Light Strings and thus end up damaging them. We generally take down these long strings of light and put them in a polythene or a box and throw it away in the store to be used next year. When these are taken out again, the are badly tangled and get mixed up with all the other lights they are stored with !!

Storing Decorative Light Strings

Here is an easy way of storing these lights, which ensures that they do not get tangled and are easily stored away in your boxes/ almirhas. Just take a piece of cardboard from any empty cardboard box or even a pizza box. Just hold one end of light over the cardboard piece with your hand and start coiling the light slowly, untangling it in the process.

Storing Decorative Light Strings

This is what you will end up with :

Storing Decorative Light Strings

Now, no more tangling of decorative lights !!!

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