Tent house for kids

tent house for kids

Toddlers keep running around the house and it is troublesome specially when you need to cook up the dinner or finish up that laundry!! How do we make them stay at one place for some time so that you can finish up your errands without interruption??? Here is an idea – how about a tent house for kids… it may be of any size – anywhere (try and keep it within your sight though). We hung our tent house sheet from her swing that was hanging from the roof in the lobby.

tent house for kids

Here is what you need to do – just hang a double bed sheet in a way that it makes a little covered space underneath for the kiddo to sit and enjoy. Put a rug or carpet on the floor to mark as the bed and some pillows for rest. Throw in some stuff toys (their friends), books or any other of their favorite toys, little snacks and juice, and you are good to go.

Here is a pic of my niece having her favorite fruit – oranges !!

tent house for kids

tent house

Our tent house hung for good 3 days before she found other interests around !!! But yes, it still keeps coming up and going down every now and then. With time, kids find out new things to do in their abode – be it coloring, watching their favorite cartoon, or even napping !!

Happy Tenting !!

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