The theme for the month was Transportation. We had been learning about various modes of transportation through art and craft activities. When the time came for the mode of transportation through air, I wanted to do something different. So we were learning about Aeroplane – how big and small they can be, how far and fast they travel etc…

First I thought that we could all make paper planes and fly them in the class. But incidentally, I saw a couple of hula hoops lying around in my class; and I had an idea !

I asked my class helper to hold the hula hoop at a height. Now, all the students would fly their aeroplane so that it passes through the hula hoop and lands on the other side.


Surprisingly, though this activity was fun, but it also required them to work on their skills like – how hard they needed to throw the paper plane, and where and how to aim the plane. Many kids were not successful in their first few attempts. But they eventually came around and were able to make their planes to pass through the hula hoop.


My kiddies also enjoyed throwing their planes freely around the classroom.

At the end of it, I gave each kid his / her Aeroplane to take home.

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