Tissue papers can be used for much more than to just wipe off your nose – specially in craft. So while studying insects and creepy crawlies, we decided to make tissue paper butterflies in our class.

They are simple, fun, and need very little material.

Materials Required:

  • Tissue Papers
  • Liquefied paints – Just take some paint in a separate container and mix some water in it so that it can be lifted with a dropper.
  • Droppers
  • Pipe Cleaners

What we did:

  1. I made stations on each table with 4 different colored liquified paints. Each child had one tissue paper leaf and a dropper.
  2. The kids made patterns on the tissue paper with the paint and dropper. tissue paper butterfly
  3. Once the tissue paper had dried, I taught the kids to make a paper fan from it.
  4. Finally, I took a pipe cleaner and tied in the center of the paper fan, by giving it a couple of twists.Then I rolled the ends of the pipe cleaner to make the antennas of the butterfly.

Here are my class’ butterflies:

tissue paper butterfly

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