Toy Bus From Shoe Box

Toy Bus From Shoe Box

No matter how many toys we buy for kids, they always love to play with non-kids items like utensils, boxes, shoes, etc… Here is a small and quick toy for you to make – a toy bus from shoe box.

Materials required: –

  1. shoe box
  2. colored papers / paints
  3. scissors
  4. glue
  5. sketch pens

Toy Bus From Shoe Box


  1. Keep the shoe box in its original position only – with lid on top. Do not seal it.
  2. Cut out windows on both the sides of the box
  3. Now, either cover it with colored paper or paint with Acrylic paints.
  4. On the front, paint the windshield (or stick a different colored paper – preferable blue) and draw the driver with sketch pens.
  5. Make tyres with black chart paper.
  6. Further, add the lights, and few lines on sides – you can even mark “toy express” or something with your kid’s name – e.g. Avika’s Bus or Ram’s tourism.

Toy Bus From Shoe Box

Once you are done, put some small stuff animals/ dolls inside from the top lid (which we had not sealed), and ta-da ! the toy bus is ready !!!



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