My sister, Nishtha, a software engineer, who is currently based in UK, has a lovely little daughter, Avika (almost 3) and she is mad about Peppa Pig. She has Peppa pig accessories, Peppa Pig stuff toy, dress and even loves Peppa pig ice cream!!! She just had to visit the Peppa Pig World now.


Peppa Pig World

peppa pig world

So they took her to the Peppa Pig World on their Anniversary last month!!! What can bring you more happiness than watching your kid being happy !!

I am sharing a couple of pics from their visit here. They have lots of rides for the toddlers. They have a Peppa Pig House too, which anyone can visit. It seems to be a beautiful little world of its own !!!

Have your meal with the Peppa Pig Family:

Peppa Pig World

Some fun Rides:

Peppa Pig World

Visit the Peppa Pig House:

peppa pig world peppa pig house

Soak in the e Peppa Pig water fountain:

peppa pig world fountain

Have lots of fun !!DSC_0850

Looks like a lovely place no? I too hope to visit it sometime !!!


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