So, it happened to be a long weekend for my kiddo, due to Eid on Monday. Both of us were “home alone” with daddy off to office, and I knew it was gonna be a long long weekend… sigh !!!

I soon realised my fears when he started off his “I am bored” thing immediately after breakfast. Nothing amused him at that time – not even CARS!! I had to finish off some errands and didn’t have time to play with him.

I had been collecting all these plastic cups of curd for a long time. Though I planned to do something with them but had not really decided what it would be. Thankfully, I saw them at the exact time when I needed them. Though I had thought of giving him those cups for some loose play initially, an idea came to my mind. So, I thought of giving it a try.

I put all the cups on the table and made a tower to show him how the tower is to be made. He was totally smitten and excited. I then dismantled all of them and gave him the cups for stacking.

Here I had to count the exact number of cups to make a perfect tower. I did away with the extra ones. Secondly, I told him the number of cups to form the base of the tower. From there he could take off on his own.


Almost there….


Here goes the last one…


And he is done !!! Look at the excitement on his face !!


And the play didn’t end there. He got his ball and “bowled” the stackers !! I get very delighted when he adds something on his own to the play.


The play was repeated several times over the weekend ! Mommy was happy too as she could finish off her work without disturbance 🙂

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