After  visiting the fun factory, my friend, Divya and I thought of giving a Visit to Kids’ Own, Chandigarh in Sector 17. It’s again, a nice place with lots of things to do for the kids ! slide, gym area, see saw, trampoline, ride-ons etc.

Visit to Kids’ Own, Chandigarh

Visit to Kids’ Own, Chandigarh                     Visit to Kids’ Own, Chandigarh

The most amazing thing I liked about Kid’s Own was – they have lots of options for pretend play – fully equipped tool table, kitchen, cashiers’ desk, barbecue, doctors equipment and baking table pretend play kitchen et al.

 Visit to Kids’ Own, Chandigarh

As a mother of a boy, we tend to concentrate only on cars, tracks, parking lots, tools and the like. But we often forget to introduce them to other options like kitchen play or playing with dolls even !! The way Ram was so excited to see and use the kitchenware, forced me to thinking that the norms that cars are for boys and kitchens are for girls is all made up by us. Maybe in the long run they will be interested in their respective toys but we should also give them a chance to be creative and explore the other options as well. And there are plenty at Kids’ Own!

For instance, for the first time, Ram saw a baby doll in a stroller (for kids). For a few minutes he kept wondering if it was a real baby ! Maybe he was even afraid to touch the doll  – what if it gets hurt! But the helper there, intervened, held up the doll and told him it was just a toy and not real.

Visit to Kids’ Own, Chandigarh

Also, for the first time he saw Barbie dolls. He took one in each hand and kept flipping them up and down, gazing at them, as to what it really was!!! He enjoyed his time with the dolls too !! (Not for long, though)

Kids’ Own has a lot many options to interest varied kids interests; but tends to be a little congested. Also, when we arrived, the place was already crowded with about 20 kids who had come for a birthday party. We decided not to leave our kids alone as the kids outnumbered the helpers immensely at that time. Since their café is on the upper floor, there was no place to sit for us.

But anyhow, it’s a nice place to drop your kids, especially when you need shop around in Sector 17 at ease!! Thank you Kid’s Own.

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