Water Play

water play

Little ones love water play. Even the smallest amount of water is enough to keep them engaged and fascinated ! And with the scorching heat and humid weather, it is the right time to let them explore and learn with water.

Here I am sharing open ended activities which we often do. Just give them some water and bath toys. Let them bring in some other toys that they want to, and it is going to be a fun filled time.

Indoor water play

This is the first time that my little one ever played with water and toys – inside the room. It was too hot outside and I needed to finish off some work. So, I set up everything inside, to be able to keep an eye on him. I put all his toys in a bucket which prevented water from splashing out too much. I got a sand toy for him, which can easily be used for water too!

water play

He got out his cars and the sand toy was turned into a car wash. I put very less amount of water in the bucket initially. Then gave him additional water for pouring and playing. He was extremely fascinated with how the fans moved when he poured water from the top !

water play     water play     water play

Boys and cars is a universal combination. Give them some water  and the play turns magical for them. Alternatively, you may use plastic animals, bath toys, blocks etc., anything your kid likes.

Outdoor water play (or set it up in the bathroom)

I gave him the water/ bath toys, alongwith some containers for a fun pouring station. (I hid his cars this time as I wanted him to play with other things too.)

water play

Here, I didn’t need to guide him or initiate anything. The containers and water were enough to get him going. I filled a bucket with water and he had fun pouring water into different containers.

water play

All the bath toys got a shower one by one, and all came in a line. I found it very cute !
water play

That is the look he gave me when I said play time was over !

water play

Open water play is fun for the little ones to explore water and its form, and have fun with it.

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