I needed an activity to help my kids revise the shapes they had learnt so far. Also, I wanted them to do a fun activity related to the same so that they remember it – preferable a gross motor or a fine motor one.

So I mixed learning with fun – we did a fine motor activity for the same.

Materials Required:

  • Paper – Chart/ A4 Sheets
  • Marker
  • Tiny pebbles/ buttons etc.

 I cut the chart in half – length wise and then stuck them together at the breadth. Then, with a bold marker, I drew big sized shapes and wrote their names inside the shape.

fine motor

Then I gave them tiny pebbles to place on the outline of the shapes.

fine motor

I also had some small sized buttons for the same activity, which I gave to few other students.

I divided my class into boys and girls. First, the girls completed the activity and then the boys. We even redid the activity so that each kid got a chance to make almost every shape.

fine motor fine motor fine motor

And above are the final shapes made by my kiddies. They sure were happy and delighted with the activity.

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