This is me...

Hi! I am Neha.

I have lived in the beautiful city of Chandigarh all my life and I love the place !!! I got married in 2006 to Sumit who is my best friend and soulmate.

my creative barn Neha Jolly

I quit my job to start a family, and we became parents to a handsome boy, Ram in 2012. And yes, we are also proud pet parents to an adorable and naughty golden Labrador, Leo, who is now 4.

my creative barn Neha Jolly

I got interested in browsing various mommy blogs during my pregnancy, searching for easy learning activities to do with my baby and help in his productive development. I started doing a lot of different activities for my baby and would plan many outings (even if that meant a visit to the neighborhood park) which would keep him closer to the nature and help in learning something new.

I have always loved craft and scrap booking. I love being organized and my kid’s room is the best example of this.

My Creative Barn is my journey through life after becoming a mother. Here, I share kids’ activities, parenting tips, recipes and much more, while dealing with all the cooking, laundry and trying to raise a happy family.

Come and have a look at the awesome stuff I enjoy doing!!

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