The Aeroplane goes zooooooom

The theme for the month was Transportation. We had been learning about various modes of transportation through art and craft activities. When the time came for the mode of transportation through air, I wanted to do something different. So we were learning about Aeroplane – how big and small they cancontinue reading…



Butterflies Art and Craft Painting

We made a lovely Art and Craft painting that included cutting, pasting, painting and embellishing too! It is always exciting to do lots of different types of activities that result into a single art work. Kids love it. Let’s check out what we did: Materials required: Cardboard Old newspapers Paintscontinue reading…



Painting Name Stones

This time around, we chose to paint stones for our activity. Though it has been done earlier too, but the painting skills of kids has become better with time. While my fellow teacher and I were thinking of what special design should we go for, she came up with ancontinue reading…

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