Green color


Green Color Day

So it was “Green Color Day” in our class. This day had to be all about the color green, and the activities related to it. Since my class is already very “Green” because of the jungle theme, things were easier to prepare. Also, our “Green Color Day” fell during Monsoon Seasoncontinue reading…

thirsty crow


The Thirsty Crow

I love narrating and dramatizing stories for my students. So this time we did “The Thirsty Crow”. Material arranged for the story: Pebbles A transparent container with water Crow puppet Setup and Narration of story: I spread the pebbles on the table and put the transparent pot of water incontinue reading…

story boards


Story Boards

One of the main features that I inculcated in my class was – stories. I pick up one story every month, relating to the theme of the month, and narrate the story almost everyday to my students. I created a special place for the Story Boards and named it “Once uponcontinue reading…

fish in a bag


Fish in a Bag – Craft

The theme for the month was pet animals and the favorite amongst the kids was somehow a fish. I searched pinterest and googled like mad for an out of the box thing and finally found this craft. Sorry, don’t remember from where I got the idea, so cant really mentioncontinue reading…

nature collage


Nature Collage

Collage is a fun way of art and kids tend to learn a lot from them. Collage, or an assembly of things, is a fun activity for kids. My son has his winter vacations going on and we keep looking for fun things to do everyday. We went for some naturecontinue reading…

Place on Trace


Place on Trace

I know “Place on Trace” sounds confusing! But I could not come up with anything better for the Title of this post. This activity is a fun way to play with the routine blocks, in a new way! It will also help in building up the problem solving skills andcontinue reading…

story stones


Story Stones

I had been wanting to make story stones for a long time now. And it seemed to be the right time for me to finally make them and do the activity with my son. The reason being, my little one has started making up stories and narrating them to me!continue reading…

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