It’s that time of the year again when the weather is awesome and fall is all around. This is my favorite time of the year. I love to take my class out of the classroom and into the nature, where they explore the nature and the wonders of it. In continuation with our nature art and craft, I decided to make nature bracelets for my kiddies.

Materials required:

  • Tape
  • stuff from nature (to be collectd by kids)

What we did: 

Before going out to the school garden, I tied the tape on the kids’ wrists inside out. Inside out – so that the sticky part is outside and simple side touches the skin. This will enable kids to stick stuff on the band. Prior to leaving the class, I explained to my students what was the activity about. They have to collect the items from the nature – leaves, flowers, grass, sticks etc. – whatever they like, and stick on the wrist band.

As soon as we reached the park, the kids set out to work.


Some of them got funny too !!


All the kids made their nature bracelets within no time. Some had leaves, flowers, twigs and a kid even tried to stick a pebble on it :D.


Here are all of our wrist bands:


In addition to making the bracelets, we did some “Listening Walk”. I asked my kids to concentrate (even close their eyes if they wanted to) and listen to the sounds of nature. We heard some birds chirping, a dog barking and some leaves rustling. We also heard some vehicle horn, and an Aeroplane passing by, The kids were so excited !!

When we came back to the class, we discussed about what we had heard on the nature walk. I drew the same out on small papers and gave the kids to color them. Then we arranged all of them on the chart (which i had prepared a day before) as seen in the pic below:


We had a great time on our nature walk !

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