plants survive


How Plants Survive

Every month, we do one major STEM/ CONCEPT with the kids. This month, we had to learn about how plants survive. We did many activities for the same. Here they are: Live Plants demonstration So at the beginning of the month, I got 2 same plants in my class. Everyday,continue reading…

fox and the grapes


Fox and the Grapes

It was time for another story for my kiddies. And this time it was – Fox and the Grapes. For this I just made a Fox Popsicle Puppet. I had some plastic branches of leaves with me which I stuck on the board. Also, I stapled a couple of grapescontinue reading…

Bird House


Bird House Craft

So the theme for the month was “BIRDS” and the shape to be introduced was “PENTAGON”. So I combined the two and we did a pentagon shaped bird house craft. Material Required: Pentagon Shaped cut outs (little bigger than an adult palm size) from chart paper black chart paper circlecontinue reading…



Birds Stamping

We have been doing a lot of different art and craft activities in the class. And this time we did some stamping !! Actually, the theme for the month was “Birds”. Luckily, I had a set of Bird stamps lying around at home which I took to the class. Oncecontinue reading…

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