Fine Motor Activity with Buttons

While clearing out some old drawers at my mom’s place, I found a box which had a huge collection of old buttons and other related stuff. My mom was not keen on keeping the stuff. So, I carried them with me to home. It was vacation time and I had pastedcontinue reading…

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treasure hunt


Pirate Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunt is always exciting for kids – be it a backyard, a park or just a bucket. What can be more fun is adding a theme to it and playing along ! We had a playdate at our place. My friend and her son were due to come latecontinue reading…



Pirate Cap & Eye Patch

So we had a playdate at home and I set up a pirate themed treasure hunt play for the kiddos. After setting up everything, I had little time before my kid’s friend arrived. So I set out to make some Pirate accessories – Pirate cap and eye patch. They werecontinue reading…


september 2016


Rakshabandhan – Celebration Ideas

Rakshabandhan is a festival that celebrates the love and bonding of brothers and sisters. It signifies the love and care of the sister for her brother and the vows of the brother to provide protection to his sister from difficulties. Like various other Indian festivals, there are many stories associatedcontinue reading…



Rakhi crafts for kids

Rakhi can be made more special when you have something made by your own hands for your sister / brother. Rakhis can be made at home, but this craft is left to do only for sisters. But boys can also make something for their sisters – like a card. Here arecontinue reading…



Making Rakhi special for kids

Rakhi is a beautiful festival which binds brothers and sisters together. We all have grown up with our siblings and cousins, celebrating this festival, and still value it immensely. Today, now that we have kids, we all want them to cherish this occasion as much as we did. For this, there are acontinue reading…

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Paper Fan Stick

It is always delightful to receive presents with wishes in some form – a card, personalized tags, etc. Paper Fan Sticks are very pretty and easy to make. It takes hardly 10 minutes to make and can be used for many occassions, like Mothers’ Day, Teachers’ Day, etc. Alternatively, justcontinue reading…


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