Paper Tree Craft

Paper Tree Craft

Kids love to cut and paste. So this time we did a paper tree craft. It needed a lot of cutting and a lot of pasting. And it kept my son and his friend busy for a while 😀

Materials Required:

  • Colored Paper sheets
  • Glue
  • Scissors

What we did in our paper tree craft:

  1. First and foremost, the kids cut out various circles of different sizes and in different colors. The circles are not very fine, considering their age, but that’s fine as the end  result is lovely.
  2. Next we took  a sheet of paper and drew a tree trunk with various branches. My son’s friend prefered cutting out the same from a brown sheet of paper. So we drew/ stuck the tree trunk and branches.
  3. Now they took the various circles that they had cut out and stacked them from big to small from base to top. We made 7-8 roundels like these. These would mark the tree leaves or toppings. They pasted the roundels
  4. Finally, the roundels were stuck on the tree that we had drawn on the sheet.

Paper Tree Craft

Here is the final result of the craft – our Paper Tree craft

Paper Tree Craft

Try it with your kiddo – its easy and fun.

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