Collaborative Art Projects

I did a few Collaborative Art Projects with my students. The idea was to show them how small pieces of work done by them can be put together to make a larger and lovelier creation. Here are the ones I have done so far: Hands- Petals Sunflower Collaborative Project Thiscontinue reading…

Green color


Green Color Day

So it was “Green Color Day” in our class. This day had to be all about the color green, and the activities related to it. Since my class is already very “Green” because of the jungle theme, things were easier to prepare. Also, our “Green Color Day” fell during Monsoon Seasoncontinue reading…

thirsty crow


The Thirsty Crow

I love narrating and dramatizing stories for my students. So this time we did “The Thirsty Crow”. Material arranged for the story: Pebbles A transparent container with water Crow puppet Setup and Narration of story: I spread the pebbles on the table and put the transparent pot of water incontinue reading…

handmade cards


Handmade Cards

For me, it’s always a delight to receive cards on your birthday, and handmade cards are even better. But the concept seems to be dying down with the emergence of technology in all spheres of life… Also, our children would hardly know the concept of sending cards on special occasions.continue reading…


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