Rakhi is a beautiful festival which binds brothers and sisters together. We all have grown up with our siblings and cousins, celebrating this festival, and still value it immensely. Today, now that we have kids, we all want them to cherish this occasion as much as we did. For this, there are a few things  that we can do, except for the regular rakhi tying and gift exchange.

Here’s how you can make a big deal about the festival and get your kids excited for the same –

  1. Firstly, get your little ones involved in planning the Occasion. Ask them for ideas. You might be surprised how creative and resourceful they can be.
  2. Most importantly, take your kids for shopping. Let the girls choose rakhi for their brother(s). Let the boys pick a gift for their sisters. This will make them look forward to presenting what they chose themselves, for the other one.
  3. Put the kids early to bed a day before Rakhi and wake them up early the next morning. Get them ready early too.
  4. Make them do a small pooja with you in the temple – in the house or take them to one nearby.
  5. Dress them up in ethnic clothes, it is more exciting than regular party clothes.
  6. After / before the “rakhi tying” ceremony, tell them a small Story from history, as to why the festival is celebrated and what is its significance.
  7. Do a small photo session at home. Apart from clicking photos of the regular ceremony that they perform, make them pose in different poses and click some pics of them together. Create memories for them – get the pics developed and put it somewhere for them to see regularly.
  8. Food is very important. I love the traditional menu of “Aloo Poori” on such occassions and would recommend the same. But if your little ones are not fond of it, make make their favorite food for the occasion.
  9. Let the celebration continue for the entire day. Make the kids spend some time together. You may engage them in some play or craft at home, e.g. hand prints of both siblings on a pillow case or something else. Or, create the atmosphere at home and make them watch their favorite movie along with some popcorn and juice. Alternatively, take them out for a movie or to Mc Donalds in the evening.
  10. Do some charity. You may distribute some goodies among the underprivileged kids. It could be as little as, some biscuits or you may suit your pocket and go beyond that. The act matters, as kids learn to share and empathize with the underprivileged.
  11. Lastly, I would suggest that you can personalize the occasion with a keepsake. You can get photomugs with pics of the siblings, or T-shirts / photoframes/ wall clocks / pillows – there are many options available in the market nowadays.
  12. bigger kids – let them make their own rakhi / greeting card (make simple rakhi and toddler can color it / use finger painting) / thali

Please remember these are various options that I have listed and one can pick few out of these – whatever suits them. Though I have listed many things here, it might not be possible / feasible, even for me to follow everything.

Just do whatever you can, be persistent, so that your little one values the festival and her/ his, brother/ sister more !!

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