Cardboard fish craft

cardboard fish

We have been studying about water animals this month. And fish is the most simple and common animal that comes to our minds first of all. I love working with cardboard. So this time, we made beautiful cardboard fish.

I seem to have misplaced the pics I had taken of the process of the craft. Nevertheless, it is too easy and self descriptive. So, it is going to be easy for you to just read it and relate it to the final picture.

Lets see how we made it.

Material Required:

  • cardboard pieces
  • crayons
  • sparkle tubes
  • googly eyes
  • glue

What we did:

  1. First of all, I cut out the fish shape from the various cardboard pieces I had. The size of the fish is almost the size of 1.5 palm length. I made them big for their little hands.
  2. Next, I drew the face of the fish by marking a curved line with a pencil – for the kids to know where the body of the fish starts from.
  3. Then, I drew some patterns on the white board to show the kids what all they can do on the body of the fish. Turns out, my kids were way adventurous than me.
  4. Next I gave a fish cut out to each child and lots of crayons to work with.
  5. Once they were done, one by one, we made some patterns with over the colored fish, with our sparkle pens. I had to help out few of them here. You can even use stone stickers or other material to make it sparkle and glitter.
  6. Then we placed the googly eye and left the fish in the sunny area of the classroom to dry off. Since it would take time, we decided to come back the next day to see how they turned out.

The next day, our cardboard fish had dried and before the kids came, I placed them on the window sill so as the sun shone on them and they sparkled.

The kids were so excited and fascinated with them !!


cardboard fish

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