Christmas Handprints


My Son was in the mood for some painting and I had Christmas on my mind! So I combined the two and we made some Christmas handprints (we made a lot of messy paintings too !!)

First of all, I covered the dining table with newspaper sheets. Then, we got out the paints, brushes and some colored chart paper sheets, and set to work. Though I have seen many handprint crafts on pinterest and various works shared on facebook, but I was a little blank at that point. So, we just set off to work, thinking let’s see what comes out 😀

Our Creations:

First of all, we made a Santa Claus. We made this by joining two handprints together, with a combination of red and white. For the bag, we painted the side of the fist in orange and printed it near the shoulder. For other details I used colored pens.


Then, we made the Christmas tree. We printed the hands 3 times in a tier as can be seen in the pic. I made a star in gold color on the top. For decorations on the tree, we did finger painting with different colors.

This is how it turned out:


I had a lovely teal colored paint, so we made our Snowman from this color instead of white. For detailing, we used colored pens – eyes, nose, mouth, muffler, hat and buttons.


And then, we had another handprint in pink color. But I had no idea what to make of it. So, the next day, I though about making a Christmas tree ornament out of it. I just cut out the outline of the handprint and punched a hole on the top. I wrote my Kid’s name and year of print on it. Finally, we roped a ribbon through the hole and hung it on our Christmas Tree.


Finally, it was time for dinner, but the little one still wanted to carry on. So I drew some random lines on a sheet and asked him to make some lights on it with his finger prints. He started with orange paint and did the two lines.


Later, more lines were drawn and more colored paints were used. This is our final outcome:


This is a really fun activity to keep your little one occupied on a long winter evening.

Try this at home and do share the pics of your creations in the comments section below for others to appreciate and get inspired with.

Merry Christmas !

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