DIY White Board


Kids love to work on different surfaces. Paper becomes boring as it is easily available. Gone are the times black boards or slates. It is the time of whiteboards. But it was not easy to let all the kids work together on the whiteboard – the height was too much for them which left little room to work on. Also, since kids were too many, they had to wait for their turns. To do away with all the problems, I thought what if each kid had their own white board?

Need is the mother of all Inventions. So, I came up with the idea of making personal white boards for each kid.

Materials Required:

  1. Cardboard Pieces
  2. White chart paper
  3. Transparent Gum Sheets
  4. Colored Gum Sheet
  5. Fevicol
  6. Scissors

How to make the White Boards:

  1. First of all, select a good size of cardboard for the white board.
  2. Next, cover it with a white chart paper from both sides. Use fevicol to paste it instead of tape for a neat look.
  3. Then, I cut thin strips of the colored gum sheet and paste it onto the white board to form the borders. Dont make it to broad or the working area of the board will reduce.
  4. Finally, cover the whole thing with a transparent gum sheet.
  5. I used broad cellotape (over the gum sheet) to cover the borders of the board from both sides. This was done for durability.


Each kid had lots of fun as they had their own personal white board to work on – practice their alphabets, numbers, draw or just doodle away.


Also, I gave all of them a tissue paper to wipe off the white board and reuse them.


My kids were a happy bunch for the entire session as they could spend their free time doodling around on their personal white boards.

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