This time around, we did some sponge and spray painting. We used some stencils to create our work. Let’s check it out here…

Materials required for spray painting:

  1. Paints
  2. Toothbrush
  3. Sponge
  4. Blank white sheets
  5. Hard paper (for making the Stencils)
  6. Colored Pens
  7. Googly eyes

What we did:

  1. I used the hard paper sheet to create the stencils for our spray painting session. I cut out a bird, a whale and some flowers. These I had cut out and kept aside a day in advance.
  2. Next day, when the kiddies came for the art and craft class, they got all excited as they were to work with paints. I gave them a demo as to how they were to go about with this method of painting. I spray painted a whale for them. And then stuck a googly eye in its place to be. Well, for the sponge painting, they already knew how to go about it, so no demo was required.
  3. Now it was the kiddies’ turn to work on their own. They created a spray painted bird, a whale an a flower garden each. I didn’t have to do much today – just clicked photos and relaxed with my cup of tea.

spray painting

4. There were loads of giggles and visits to the was room for change of water and hand washing. Here is the final work of my kiddies: –

spray painting

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