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gift basket

Festivals in India bring a lot of love and brotherhood among us all. We love to exchange gifts especially during Diwali – be it sweets, some gifts, fruit baskets or gift baskets. Gift Baskets!! There are many shops selling lovely gift baskets – decorative, with assorted goodies but much more costly than they are actually worth.

How about making a gift basket at home this festive season? It will be more economical and personalized too ! And I am sure the reciever of this basket will appreciate your efforts and thoughtfulness.

Things to consider before you start making the gift baskets:

  1. Consider your receipent – kids / teenagers/ adults/ elderly
  2. Set your budget for the basket
  3. Decide the goodies that you want to put in

Materials you need are:

  1. Basket
  2. Yellow transparent wrapping sheet (or any other)
  3. Ribbon for decoration
  4. Tape
  5. Scissors

My bhabhi (sister in-law), Nancy, is quiet a pro when it comes to making these goodies’ baskets. The goodies she picks, budgets and her packing, is quiet impressive. Here I am sharing the basket she made last year for gifting in the family where they had a bunch of kids.

She included the following goodies in the basket:

  • Different Packets of Chips
  • Different Types of Chocolates
  • Juice
  • Maggie Single Packets
  • Single packets of Choco Pie
  • Candies

How to make: 

  1. She arranged all the goodies in the basket. She used a wicker basket here.
  2. Then she covered it with a yellow transparent sheet and stuck it to the basket on sides with tape.
  3. Further, she used ribbons and some artificial flowers to decorate it.
  4. And the basket was done. It took hardly 30 minutes to do it.

gift baskets

Here is another basket that she gifted to my son, at Rakhi! We still use the plastic basket (after finishing off the goodies) as our fruit basket !

gift basket


  1. For filling up the basket, use smaller packets. E.g. if your budget is Rs. 60, instead of buying 3 packets of Rs.20/-, buy 6 packets of Rs. 10/-. This helps fill up the basket more.
  2. Once you have set the basket, throw candies from above. It looks more decorative and filling.
  3. For teenagers, you may include soda cans or cookies. For elderly, you may include yakult, oats/ low fat cookies, etc.
  4. Instead of using a wicker basket, you may use a plastic basket than can be used in the kitchen or household, later on.

So go on and make some baskets for your loved ones. They are sure to win you accolades and lots of love too !!

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