I made a Roaring Lion


Continuing with our monthly theme of Wild Animals” we did another craft on the king of the jungle – The lion.

We made big lion face puppets using a paper plate, paint and some colored paper.

Supplies required:

  • paper plate
  • yellow paint
  • paint brush / sponge brush
  • yellow and brown colored paper strips
  • fevicol
  • googly eyes

Directions for making the lion face:

    1. First thing in the morning – every kid painted her / his paper plate with yellow paint and left it for drying.


2. Later in the day, once all paper plates had dried, the kids pasted thin strips of yellow and grey paper (which I had already cut for them) around the paper plate.


3. Next, we pasted some eyes, ears nose and mouth in the center.


4. Finally, I curled few of the paper strips on each lion face, This I did by stretching the strip with the help of a scissor. You can do it by curling it around a pencil too.

5. Lastly, I stuck a popsicle on the back of the paper plates to help my kids hold their lion faces without tampering.


And my little cubs had their lions roaring around in the classroom 😀

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