Jungle Theme Birthday Party

Jungle Theme

On my son’s third birthday party, we played with the jungle theme. Considering the three year olds are nothing less than cute little wild animals, it was not difficult to decide on the theme.

My sister , Nish, was also here on vacation, so she was a big help in making all the decorations. Here are the snapshots of the fun Jungle Theme party we hosted on my son’s Third Birthday.


My sister is very good at drawing. She made this amazing invitation on half a sheet of chart paper. We clicked the pic of this invitation and sent it to all the friends and family. Further, we had stuck on the main door of our house.



1. Banner


This was the “banner” (if I can call it) which we placed outside the house. It was very simple to make too. I took 3 pieces of cardboard and wrote the details on them with a black marker. Then on a long piece of wood or thick cardboard, stick the three pieces vertically as shown under. For further effect, we stuck some paper leaves, snakes and lizards on it. Finally we placed a stuffed tiger toy at the bottom.


2. Jungle Twines Curtain


This was the main feature of our decoration. I made a curtain of twines and branches with leaves, using chart papers and crepe paper. We hung it in the centre, dividing the living room and the dining room.

Jungle Theme

For twines – you can use green color streamers, or cut thin strips of crepe paper.

For Branches – I folded a brown sheet and twisted it many times to make it rough and a little crooked. Further, I cut out leaves from green colored chart paper and stapled them on the branches.

Finally, on a piece of string, I stuck (with cellotape) and stapled the branches and crepe paper twines side by side to make a huge curtain. We Further hung few animal shaped balloons on them.

It took me almost a week to put the whole thing together. I was very happy with the end result, as it was the most striking feature of the party. I was left out with few branches with leaves, which we hung around the room – on fans, scenaries, doors, etc.

3. Sign Boards


Then there were some more sign boards, made out of cardboard pieces, as shown under.

We placed these on doors, paintings and around the house.


4. Birthday Banner


I got a readymade banner from the market this time. My sister cut out the alphabets of the birthday boy’s name and colored them in his favorite color – blue. Additionally she hung the age number “3” at the bottom of “A”.


5. Other Decorations


We placed/ stuck the stuffed animals on the staircase:


Also, Nish made lots of animals and colored them. We cut them out and stuck on the curtains of the living room as under:


6. Balloons turned into Animal Faces


Last but not the least, we had balloons turned into animal faces. This was purely Nish’s creation. I was very impressed and delighted with her work. She cut out the animal features on paper, colored them and stuck to the balloons to form a lion, hippo, tiger, fox, elephant, frog, panda, pig and a parrot.

jungle theme


Since I went a little too much with the decorations, I made a simple Lion – faced pinata this time. Just a square box, covered with strips of yellow crepe paper. For his eyes, nose and wiskers, I cut out the shapes from a black paper and stuck with glue.


We had put lots of sweets, mini chocolates, pencils, different shaped erasers, tiny toys like whistles, yoyo, tops and prisms in the pinata.


Considering the fact that I don’t like kids feeding on cream or fondant, I got a simple chocolate truffle cake covered with kitkat chocolate sticks around. For the “Jungle Theme”, I took out some good quality plastic animals from the toys and sterilized them. Finally, the animals were placed on the face of the cake, roaming around in the Jungle 😀




I took a big sheet of cardboard and covered it with a white chart paper. On this, I made a monkey face and painted it. Then we cut out the board from the place of his mouth, to make a hole as seen in the pic.


We gave each kid 3 small balls to feed the monkey, from a distance. The kid who fed the maximum balls would win. But the rowdy little animals ruined the game as all kids started throwing the balls at the monkey… He he … I guess they were too small to listen to instructions.

We played kiddie songs later for them to dance on. Then they made a “jungle safari train” which went around the living and dining room.


We gave all the kids an animal themed, 30-piece puzzle as a party favor.


Out of the many animal drawing that Nish had made and cut out, some were specially made for these baskets. We had some cane baskets which were filled with snacks for kids. She stuck the cutouts to the baskets as can be seen in the pic.

For snack we had chips, popcorn, a mixture of 4-5 types of chocos, ice cream wafers and stix. All the kids munched on the stuff like wild animals – nobody bothered about the paper plates we gave them !


The party was a huge hit with the kids as well as the adults. And the decorations were also well appreciated and admired by everyone… even the kids !!

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