Kids LOVE playdough !! And I believe all mothers will agree to this !! It is good to give them playdough for free play. But at a later stage it is required that we sit down with them and guide them as to how they can roll it, cut shapes, make stuff, and play with it !

How about getting a little crafty? Here are Laminated clay play mats. These play mats will trigger your kid’s imagination and may even help them play with play dough in a better way. You can create sheets to enhance their learning skills – like counting. There are many types of play mats that you can create. Just think of what all you can do with play dough and try to put it on paper somehow.

Types of play mats:

  1. Drawing sheets for play dough
  2. Counting sheets

Please share what other ideas for play mat sheets you come up with.

It is very easy to prepare the sheets. This is what you need to do:

  1. Design your sheets on Powerpoint and take their print outs. (This is the only part that takes time.)
  2. Get the sheets laminated.
  3. Punch them in a binder or get them spiral bound from market. I prefer punching them into a binder as it is easier to include more sheets later.

Now just give the thing to your kid(s) and enjoy the fun !!

Here are some ideas for you to note down or get inspired with:

play mats         play mats

And then, I traced his clay molds onto the sheet for another clay activity :

play mats

My little one just could not wait to start playing with it. While I was still finishing my work, he sneaked a sheet and started his work !

play mats

play mats

I punched all the play mats into a box file folder. And once I was done making the “file” for my kiddo, here is all the fun he had.

play mats        play mats

Though I had to help him out and guide him at times, he surprised me with some of his work !

play mats                          play mats

Well, all my efforts paid off !!! The play mats are sure to keep your little ones busy. And since its vacation time, and its tough to keep the kids busy all day long, these clay play mats should come to your rescue !!

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