Learning about animals is the most interesting thing for kids. For kids, they are little stuff toys which move around on their own. So when it came to learning about pet and farm animals, I tried to make it more fun! Here are all the activities that we did:

  1. Our Little Animal Farm

    Here, I made a little farm in a mini plastic box. First of all, I filled it up with mud – this would provide as the base and hold all other things – animals, fences etc. Then I put the fencing to mark the shed for each animal – pig, sheep, duck, horse, cows and a hen. Then I placed the plastic trees and some dry grass. For the duck, I made a small pond and marked it with tiny pebbles around. Finally I placed all the plastic animals.


The kids were very interested as soon as they saw it. I had kept aside some grass and grains which the kids could feed to the animals in the farm.


2. Class Display:

Here is my class display of the farm and pet animals. I made them all myself. I was so proud of my work 😀


3. Art and Craft 

For this, we had a worksheet with a big picture of cow. This, the kids colored with crayons in their favorite color. Meanwhile, I cut out some small black chart paper squares. These, the kids stuck on the body of their colored cows to mark the spots on the body.

animals              animals

Here is their final work:


Then there was a worksheet with a big horse picture. Since horses have lovely manes, I decided to get comb painting done on it (but we used a brush to comb the paint). I put a blob of paint vertically over the body. The kids just used the brush to paint its whole body. The brush helped to form strokes which looked lovely on the horses:


 4. Show and Tell – Farm Animals

Once we had learnt about all the pet and farm animals, it was time for the kids to speak about their favorite one.  I used my class display of pet and farm animals for the backdrop.

Some kids made it really interesting – one kid wore a turtle dress while another made a lovely paper plate fish.


I hope you liked our fun stuff. Do add on to it, if you have more brilliant ideas !

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