Medicine Dose Tracker

Medicine Doze Tracker


So, my kid got sick… ūüôĀ and the poor baby¬†was prescribed 3 medicines! All medicines had¬†different dosages and were to be given at different times of the day and different number of times. The first day was difficult – my mind was constantly occupied with the medicines. I kept going back to the prescription booklet number of times to check which one¬†was due to be given and then tried to remember did I give him the medicine or not?

Ugh! with toddlers around there is so much to do and remembering the medicine doses are a task !!

So I got an idea. I  made a medicine dose tracker on the bottle itself. No need to keep going back to the prescription again and again.

All you need is a permanent marker. On the top of the bottle cap, I wrote the dosage as well as when was the medicine to be given and how many times a day.

Medicine Doze Tracker


Medicine Doze Tracker

Secondly, to keep a track whether I gave him the medicine or not, on the side of the bottle, I made a table from Monday (M) to Friday (F), with empty columns beside the days. Keep marking an “x” in every box of the columns, for every dosage fed to the kid.

Medicine Doze Tracker

Easy and simple – just keep a pen handy and remember to mark every dosage given in the table. Still a little remembering to do but its way easier than before. Right ?!!

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