Place on Trace

Place on Trace

I know “Place on Trace” sounds confusing! But I could not come up with anything better for the Title of this post.

This activity is a fun way to play with the routine blocks, in a new way! It will also help in building up the problem solving skills and the imagination of a child.

To set up this activity, all you need is a marker pen, paper/cardboard and blocks from your kid’s toy collection.

Place on Trace

I made different shapes/ patterns by putting different sized blocks together on the cardboard piece. Once done, I traced out the final outline of the shape. You need to be careful and hold the blocks together to form straight lines.

I first traced out everything with a pencil and then finalised it with a pen and ruler.

Place on Trace

I made simple shapes on the first page and then some more difficult ones on the second sheet.

Place on Trace

As soon as my little one came back from school, I showed him what I had prepared for him. Though he was a little confused in the beginning, but within a few moments, he got really interested!

Place on Trace

It didn’t take him too long to get a hang of the whole thing. He was really happy with his creation !

place on trace

Once finished, we started over again…. and again! It was fun!

2 comments on “Place on Trace

  1. I checked ur site regularly to get ideas. I m wondering what should I do keep my kid busy . I like ur idea . Thanks for sharing.

    Monal(Vaanya’s mother)

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