Learning starts and home and extends to school. It becomes the responsibility of a teacher also to educate a child about the various significant days of the year. In India, we celebrate Rakshabandhan. It marks the bond of love between a brother and a sister.

Before we got started, I made a giant rakhi for display in my class.

Materials required:

  1. Red, yellow and orange charts
  2. sparkle glue sticks
  3. stapler
  4. scissors
  5. glue


How I made it:

  1. I cut long and thin strips of yellow chart paper and made a loop by stapling the two ends together. I made loads of them.
  2.  Then, I stuck these loops on the edges of a big red circular piece of chart paper.
  3. Next, I cut out two giant strips of orange chart and made a wavy – design on the edges. These I stuck on the opposite ends of the red circle.
  4. Finally, I used some glue sticks to decorate the rakhi. And this is what it looked like –


Rakshabandhan Craft: Pooja Thali

We requested the parents to send 2 Rakhis and some candy/ sweets for the pooja thali craft beforehand. Here is how we made the pooja thalis..

Materials Required:

  1. disposable plates
  2. glitter sheets
  3. stone stickers
  4. scissors
  5. fevicol

How we made the Pooja Thali:

  1. I cut out big circles out of glitter sheets so that they fit in the center of the plate.
  2. Then I cut out loads of small circles – I used a shape punching machine.
  3. I laid out the cut circles and some fevicol on the activity table. We pasted the stone stickers on the brim of the plates. I had to help out the kids here.
  4. Finally, the kids picked up the circles and decorated their plates by pasting the circles on them. I was not specific about the colors as I felt that random colors would make the plates look vibrant.


Here are our final thalis – all decorated and arranged with every kid’s rakhi and sweets:


I finally, packed every thali in a cellophane and sent them home.

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