STEM Activities are an integral part of a kindergartner’s learning. So it was time to learn about germination in our class.

My fellow teacher and I did a little preparation a day in advance. We put up a chart of a plant and its parts, showing what a plant needs to grow/ survive. Also, we put up another chart showing the germination of  seed. We explained about the concept to the kids verbally first.


Secondly, we had the grains of different types of pulses in 3 forms – dry, soaked (overnight) and newly sprouted.


We showed these to the kids and let them touch and feel all the types to feel and notice the difference.


Next step in our learning was to create a Green House in the class.


Every child had a zip lock pouch with them with their names written on it with a permanent marker. Firstly, they put cotton at the bottom of the pouch, along with some water to soak the cotton and leave some floating around. Then we gave every child a mixture of the grains – dry, soaked and newly sprouted to put in the pouch.

germination                   germination

Finally, we created a green house with green chart paper on a window and pasted all the zip lock pouches on the window and observed the shoots come out daily.


Please note – Do not seal the zip lock or the seeds and shoots will turn bad.

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