Story Boards

story boards

One of the main features that I inculcated in my class was – stories. I pick up one story every month, relating to the theme of the month, and narrate the story almost everyday to my students. I created a special place for the Story Boards and named it “Once upon a time”.

Here I am sharing the various story boards created by me.

 1. The Three Little Pigs

This was my very first Story Board. The theme of the month was fruits and vegetables. But I couldn’t zero down on an interesting story, based on the theme. So, I picked up this story, based on the concept of “Heavy ” and ” Light” which we were understanding that month.

For this story, I made 3 houses out of paper. On the first one, I stuck straw, on the second, some twigs and the third one, I made it of red color and drew the bricks like design to show the same. Along with the straw and wooden house, I made a small bundle of the respective material, tied it up with a rubberband and stuck on the board with drawing pins. I used these bundles during the story time, for kids to touch and feel. I also got a real brick in the class for the kids to feel how heavy it is and cant be blown away.

Additionally, I made 3 face puppets of pigs and 1 face puppet of the wolf (on a popsicle). I had a small hard paper box  in my scrap, which I stuck with a drawing pin on the bulletin board and placed the popsicle puppets in it for convenience. Lastly, I drew a big pot on a a chart and stuck it at the bottom leaving space on the mouth of the pot to insert the wolf puppet.


story board

 2. The Hare and the Tortoise

The theme of the month was Pet animals. Also, this story was based on the concept of “Fast” and “Slow”, which was being done that month.

Here, I used the hand puppet of tortoise and rabbit. I cut out a piece of black chart paper to make the road/ track to be covered in the race, alongwith the “Start” and “Finish” Point of the race.

story board

This was a very easy preparation for the story board.

 3. The Little Red Hen

The Theme of the month was Farm Animals and the story perfectly fitted the theme – covering few farm animals, and exposing to the kids how bread is made from scratch.

This time, I took a chart, and made the chicken coop in one corner, with farm fields on the side. Below that, I drew, cut and pasted thewhole “Lifecycle” of the bread. It starts off with wheat seeds, leading to all the steps resulting in converting them to a bread.

Also, I made stick puppets of Hen, pig, cat, dog and mouse.

story board

Making the whole story on a chart made it easier to store once it was over.

 4. The Very Hungry Caterpillar

This story was picked up relating to the theme of the month – Insects. I caught hold of a beautiful illustration online and copied it. This was relatively easier to make. Also, the whole story moves in a sequence, which is easily shown in the chart.

story board

5. Fox and the Grapes

For this I just made a Fox Popsicle Puppet. I had some plastic branches of leaves with me which I stuck on the board. Also, I stapled a couple of grapes cut outs on the branches. It was too quick and simple.

fox and the grapes

I hope you liked my Story Boards. I will share more of these soon.

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