Summer Treat for Dogs

Summer Treat for Dogs

Summers are harsh for us but they are worse for our darling Pooches !! How about we make a quick, no work summer treat for dogs.

My Munchkin is really fond of chicken and his meals generally contain a piece of boiled chicken shredded into chapatis / rice / pedigree etc. After boiling the chicken, i am generally left with a lot of chicken stock – which would go down the drain. But I realized the dogs are fond of anything chickeny!!

So during summers, i generally pour the stock into an ice tray and put it in the freezer. But this time i thought how about a little twist – and a bigger treat for him !! So this is what i did !!

All you need is :

  1. Chicken Stock
  2. Plastic Container

Method:  –

1. Put the chicken stock into a small plastic container and keep it in the freezer, till it is frozen.

Summer Treat for Dogs

2. Give it to your Pooch to enjoy, but in a container !!! Chicken stock has a lot of oil. If you just throw the treat on the floor – it will grease the floor and also, it is not very hygienic for him.

Summer Treat for Dogs


  1. You may add various treats like chew stix (broken into 3-4 pieces), biscuits, etc.
  2. You may play with the size of the treat – make it jumbo size if you like.

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