Teachers’ Day

Teachers' Day

This is our first Teachers’ Day and we are all excited !!! I have been explaining to my son for almost a week – what is teachers’ day all about, why should he be thankful to his teacher and what all she does for him. Telling him all this helped him understand the reason why we were making a card for her – and yes  – its not her “happy birthday” 😀

Well, I dint make anything original I had already seen something on the internet and wanted to do the same.

Material I used was:

  • A4 sheet
  • Paints – use any paints – I used crayola Fingerpaints
  • Paint Brush
  • Black Sketch Pen
  • Stickers (optional)

Lay down the sheet on the table. Apply paint directly on kid’s hand with the help of a paintbrush, hold his hand and press on the paper. Add on the grass, stem and leaves on your own. Further, add some text and sign off with the kids name, class and year. This is what we ended up with:

Teachers' Day

 Secondly, I found some beautiful lines on the internet and decided to pen it down for Ram’s teacher. Here, I signed off on the back of the card as I felt text and Teacher’s name are the main focus and she might even like to put it up somewhere…: –

teachers' day

 I had some cute stickers of flowers and butterflies that I added on to both the creatives. They looked nice, but i was constantly worried what if they got spoiled from water or something else… It just clicked – I got them laminated. The creatives looked so much better and got a life protection !! 🙂

Then I took out a paper bag, added a handmade name tag, and put all the stuff in it.

teachers' day

teachers' day

We put the following in the bag for the teacher:

  • Both cards
  • A set of 12 glitter pens
  • A small diary
  • 2 Dairy Milk Chocolates
  • 2 long stemed zerbera flowers

On the D-DAY, I instructed the kiddo how to present the bag to his teacher and wish her Happy Teachers’ Day !!

The confirmation that she loved it came through a note in the diary, thanking us for the lovely gifts and gesture !! 🙂

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