Winter Class Decorations

winter class decorations

It’s winter time and the month to do up our class in my favorite season of the year !! It’s time for the Winter Class Decorations.

Two walls in my class are covered with windows. So I decided to decorate them first of all. I tried to keep them simple and easy to do, yet tried to make them look extra lovely.

First and foremost, i cut out various shapes and sizes of snowflakes from white A4 sheets (loads of tutorial images are available on the net). These were used around the class for snow effect. I majorly used chart papers to do my classroom. Also, we happened to visit a nearby hill station over the weekend, from where I collected a whole lot of pine cones for my class decorations.

Here are the images:

Window 1

I made snowmen and a polar bear. Aren’t they cute ?

winter class decorations

Window 2

I made a reindeer peeping inside the class, with a snowman hanging on top, waving high and a few snowflakes.

winter class decorations

Window 3

I always love to have my students’ contribution in my class decoration. So, on our “black colour day” we made penguin sun-catchers. I cut out the penguin body on black chart and cut hollow the stomach of it. Further, I stuck the contact paper sheet on one side and gave my kids white color creoe paper for pasting on the body (contact paper).

winter class decorations

Once done, we added the eyes and orange beak on it. That’s how the penguin-window looked after I added the cotton for snow effect, along with some paper snowflakes.

winter class decorations


For a further effect, I added a fire place between 2 of my adjoining windows.

winter class decorations

Classroom Door

I made an upside down reindeer saying – Oh DEER! WINTER IS HERE !!

winter class decorations

Snowman Snowflakes

One of my very creative pre school teacher made the snowman snowflakes:

winter class decorations           winter class decorations

Reception Bulletin Board

And this is how the Winter Theme Bulletin Board in our School’s Reception Area looked like:

winter class decorations

Hope you all liked winter class decorations.

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