Bird House Craft

Bird House

So the theme for the month was “BIRDS” and the shape to be introduced was “PENTAGON”. So I combined the two and we did a pentagon shaped bird house craft.

Material Required:

  1. Pentagon Shaped cut outs (little bigger than an adult palm size) from chart paper
  2. black chart paper circle cut out (door of the bird house)
  3. 3 popsicles
  4. scissors
  5. glue stick
  6. sketch pens
  7. colorful feathers
  8. Bird Cut outs


  1. I drew small birds on a simple A4 sheet and gave to all the kids to color. Then I cut out the outline of it.
  2. Next, we stuck the popsicles, black circle and bird as shown in the pic below:

Bird House

3. After that, we stuck the nameplate of the bird house, followed by the little paper loop on the top, to hang the bird house.

Bird House

4. Lastly, we stuck 3-4 feathers on the tail of the bird, and i drew few flowers and leaves on one corner.

Here are all our bird houses:

Bird House


Bird House

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